Thursday, December 9, 2010

Major Addiction Recovery Roadblocks

The difficulty of overcoming alcohol and substance addiction is already a given. All the whines and bellyaching will not get you far, in fact they will get you nowhere. The best step to take is to become aware of the major roadblocks standing in between you and your addiction recovery. Seeing the obstacles that lay ahead allows you to take appropriate actions and increase your chances of success.

Denial. The substance dependent mind fix up a blanket of static preventing alcoholics and addicts to see the effects of their addiction to themselves, the people around them and their job. They are convinced that they are in control over their consumption and use of alcohol and substances, and that there is no problem. However, their marital, occupational, social and financial problems due to their drug use greatly says otherwise.

Most of them wait until they hit rock bottom to admit that they are neck deep in addiction. That is to say, they've already lost their loved ones, friends, and jobs. For addicts, eye-openers are difficult to spot, even though they are submerged in them. The CAGE questionnaire  is an effective assessment to know whether or not addiction has prevailed over you.

Doubts frequent the mind, especially when the task at hand is great. 

Doubts. Harboring the feelings of defeat only leads imminent downfall. Doubts frequent the mind, especially when the task at hand is great. However, the choice of entertaining them and letting them ruin your efforts is your choice. You can always opt to focus on what needs to be done rather than thinking of whether or not you can do it.

Rationalizations. The mind is a master of goading recovering addicts to have another hit whenever it gets the chance. How often do you rationalize your actions even though you know it's not beneficial to yourself and your goals? One way to fight off rationalizations is to make a plan and stick to it, that way the likelihood of derailment is slim.

Not reaching out. This is not in particular to getting professional help, there are a lot of people and groups that can aid one to achieve addiction recovery. It has been found that people undergoing addiction treatment with a support structure has higher likelihood to attain success than none. Ask support from your family members, friends, colleagues, and counselors. There are many groups, systems, and programs that can assist you if you just reach out. 

Finding your way through the static lessens the difficulties involved in addiction recovery. Becoming aware of the different obstacles that lay ahead may require some time and practice but the outcome will be favorable.  

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Addiction Cure At The Comfort Of Your Own Home

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Are you trying to end your addiction to alcohol and nicotine, as well as overcome your problems with food and marijuana but finding it difficult because of the fact that your addiction relieves you of your stress and gives you something to do when you are bored? Do you often wish for a new and sober way to unwind and enjoy your life without being tugged and pulled by your addiction? If you are, learn more about a fast addiction cure that you can do at the comfort of you own home.

Many people suffer from different forms of addiction. Food, alcohol, tobacco and marijuana addictions are some of its most common forms. The first stages of use allow users to experience mild sense of euphoria and relaxation at the same time. As it furthers, occasional use becomes habits and default remedy for stress and anxiety. Hence, it does not only cause physical addiction, but psychological dependency as well.

If you feel that your addiction is putting you under control, instead of the other way around; as well as want end your addiction completely without taking drug-based supplements or going through embarrassing episodes of group therapy sharing, you should find hypnosis based addiction cure very rewarding.

Hypnosis and addiction recovery

Hypnosis is the leading procedure used by many experts to promote personal wellness and improvement. While there are many contradictions and misconceptions about hypnosis, it has numerous applications in different field such as; medicine, sports, business and addiction recovery.

Hypnosis used as a form of treatment and therapy is called hypnotherapy. The major reason for hypnotherapy's efficacy in treating addiction is that because instead of providing a band-aid cure for the symptoms of addiction, it focuses on cutting the symptoms of addiction itself. It is important to keep in mind that addiction itself is a symptom and the causes underlying it are stress and conflicts within the personal, emotional, interpersonal and environmental spheres.

Perhaps the question lingering in your mind is how can it deliver what it promises. The answer – suggestions. With the use of relaxation techniques, your calmed mind achieves hyper-suggestibility. Clinical and medical hypnotherapists bombard you with pre-arranged suggestions of personal development and wellness, directed in building new and better routes for you to thread while dismantling the old and addiction-oriented tracks.

If you are worried about the whole set of procedure being expensive, ease your worries. Expert hypnotherapists have developed a system that effectively transfers their wellness suggestions into audio form. There are CDs and MP3s that you can buy or download online that deliver the same addiction cure program so you can beat your addiction cheap, fast and at the comfort of your own home.